Help A Child

The gift of family completes the circle of love.

Much of the work we do is invisible. It occurs at 2 a.m. with phone calls to the other side of the world. It includes helping orphanage workers in their mission to save lives. Anyone who visits these orphanages comes away changed - feeling touched by the children living there.
At Alliance, we feel it is our duty to help. We are committed to assisting needy children either through the location of adoptive families, or through financial contributions and donations of clothing, supplies, and medicines. To make this easier, Alliance has developed an IRS-approved 501(c)3 foundation so that our contributions are tax deductible. These contributions assist those children who must remain in institutions without the security of loving families. We ask for our families' continuing support to further these goals. We've seen the waiting children - and helping them completes the circle of love.

Wish List for Orphanages

Alliance and its families are dedicated to helping children who are still waiting in orphanages around the world for a family of their own. Material donations brought or sent to the Alliance office in Wellesley, MA will be distributed to orphanages when adoptive families travel to the country. The following items are greatly appreciated:

* powdered formula
* liquid vitamins
* liquid fever reducer
* cough medicine

If you will be bringing a large amount of supplies, please call the office (781-431-7148) in advance so we can arrange storage space and have someone available to help you unload.For other ways you can help, please visit the Alliance For Children Foundation website, where you can learn about projects sponsored by the Alliance For Children to provide emotional, financial, medicinal, and material support to needy children in orpanages around the world.

Please Help!

We are in critical need of the following items:

* Disposable Diapers
* Infant and Children's Vitamins, Tylenol, and over-the-counter cold medicine
* Powdered Formula
* Baby Wipes

If you can donate any of these items, please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!