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How do you measure loss?
21 Jul 2007,, Press Coverage

Study: Major Retailers Misperceive Shrink Bigger Problem for Competitors Than for Own Organizations; No Agreed-Upon Shrink Measurement Method
16 Jul 2007, Press Release

IntelliVid’s Video Investigator™ Remote Access Collaboration Gives Retailers Access to High-level Video Analytics Anywhere, Anytime
11 Jun 2007, Press Release

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video investigator demoIntelliVid's Video Investigator™

IntelliVid provides intelligent video analysis solutions designed to meet the specific demands of the retail environment. Its Video Investigator application unleashes the full potential of existing surveillance systems, transforming them from passive recording devices into real-time, proactive theft prevention and store intelligence solutions.

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Protect people and assets in support of loss prevention, customer safety and compliance policy efforts. Learn more
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Unlike general security applications that merely record incidences of theft, Video Investigator “watches” the video for retailers, filtering overwhelming amounts of video down to the key information that allows real-time response and immediate forensic investigation. Video Investigator alerts security personnel to crucial incidents as they happen, allowing store managers to intervene before merchandise leaves the store, dramatically reducing losses.

IntelliVid’s intelligent video analytics has been proven to work reliably in the busy, chaotic environment of retail stores, providing unprecedented intelligence in not only loss prevention, but merchandising, public safety, physical security and liability.