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IntelliVid is the leading video intelligence application provider offering exceptional insights into retail best practices. IntelliVid's Video Investigator™ software unleashes the full profit potential of video surveillance systems transforming them into proactive asset protection, risk prevention and customer intelligence solutions. Video Investigator™ delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Its patented technology platform empowers the rapid and accurate tracking of people and assets across time and space delivering first of its kind rapid video analysis and chain of custody evidence.

Video Investigator™ supercharges a manager's ability to protect people and assets in support of loss prevention, customer safety and compliance policies. It can instantly search and identify when an asset was removed and the person who removed it saving hours of frustrating time. Intelligent alerts can be set that automatically notify personnel with critical information at the time they most need it, anywhere, anytime. Harnessing the power that intelligent video analytics brings to standard exception reporting, leading retailers can conduct comprehensive reviews faster, accurately and more effectively capturing fraudulent behaviors at the register in real-time. Video Investigator™ can also provided unprecedented merchandising and operational insight into customer shopping behavior rapidly analyzing and understanding traffic patterns, people counting, linger times and conversion rates.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, IntelliVid is backed by leading venture investors DFJ New England, Egan-Managed Capital, Flagship Ventures and Intel Capital. IntelliVid's Video Investigator™ is the first video intelligence application to gain real traction in the retail market with installs at many of the top leading Fortune 500 retail companies.