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Video Investigator™ for Loss Prevention

Protect people and assets in support of loss prevention, customer safety and compliance policy efforts. Track people and assets across time and cameras. Monitor high value assets and merchandise, while delivering rapid analysis in real-time and forensically. Easily create and share chain of custody evidence.

loss preventionVideo Investigator for Loss Prevention has consistently lowered shrink by 35-50% in several major retailers by:

Reducing shrink and increasing apprehensions
  • Prevent theft by setting alarms to monitor high-value assets
  • Receive an alert when anyone enters a restricted area
  • Distribute results of organized-crime incidents for easy identification by others
  • Access forensic evidence to rapidly identify internal offenders
  • Track suspects to spot suspicious behaviors
Saving time
  • Reduce workload with always-on surveillance that watches all cameras and people 24x7
  • Instantly pinpoint incidents using asset and people finder capabilities
  • Compile video evidence in minutes instead of hours or days
Capturing and communicating results
  • Distribute results to your entire organization and highlight successes with complete and compelling evidence
  • Use investigation management to capture, organize and distribute video evidence with annotations easily and quickly
  • Enable anyone using a standard PC to view investigation results including videos
Reducing training
  • Operate the system like an expert after only a few hours
  • Use the system effectively without knowing camera names or locations
  • Deploy new or existing Loss Prevention staff between store locations with little or no additional training
Reducing exposure to liability
  • Prevent exposure to inadequate security liability
  • Receive alerts when potential slip-and-fall hazards exist and when incidents occur
  • Avoid unlawful seizure lawsuits by instantly retrieving video or suspect activities
Leveraging open, scaleable solution
  • Supports industry-standard servers
  • Built on next generation IP-based architecture
  • Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure

Video Investigator™ advanced standard features include:

Point of Sale (POS) Accelerator
Harness the power that intelligent video analytics brings to standard exception and merchandising reporting applications. Supercharge your workflow automatically analyzing transactions, patterns and trends to reduce theft and deter fraud.
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Hand-held Accelerator
Provide wireless capabilities that enable store employees to move out of the surveillance room and onto the selling floor. Receive automated alerts from your handheld device in real-time from any location.
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