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IntelliVid Products

Video Investigator™ for Loss Prevention
Protect people and assets in support of loss prevention, customer safety and compliance policy efforts. Track people and assets across time and cameras. Monitor high value assets and merchandise, while delivering rapid analysis in real-time and forensically. Easily create and share chain of custody evidence. Learn more

Video Investigator™ for Store Intelligence
Provide unprecedented merchandising and operational insight into customer behavior. Enhance customer service and sales. Optimize your staffing while influencing display and advertising placement. Guide new store building design and planning based on real data. Learn more

Video Investigator™ Specialty Edition
Designed specifically for specialty retailers and other small-footprint stores. Optimize for smaller camera infrastructures. Deploy in specialty chains and the channels they serve or target theft prone areas in larger stores. Learn more

Point of Sale (POS) Accelerator
Harness the power that intelligent video analytics brings to standard exception and merchandising reporting applications. Supercharge your workflow automatically analyzing transactions, patterns and trends to reduce theft and deter fraud.
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Hand-held Accelerator
Provide wireless capabilities that enable store employees to move out of the surveillance room and onto the selling floor. Receive automated alerts from your handheld device in real-time from any location.
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