Solutions Overview
Dealing with Internal Theft
Optimizing Operations
Reducing Shrinkage

Major upscale retailer deals with costly internal theft
Problem: Like most retail organizations this major upscale retailer experienced a high level of internal theft at the Point-of-Sale (POS). Although its existing workflow helped to eventually identify most offenders, the process was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly. It often took weeks to identify and assemble the evidence to document the fraud, during which time the fraud continued. The loss prevention process entailed countless hours searching through multiple video surveillance tapes and correlating activity on the tapes to transactions recorded at the POS system. Read our solution.

National children’s retailer seeks to optimize operations
Problem: A major national retailer of children’s products, accessories, and furnishings needed to understand traffic and activity in its store for the purpose of optimizing merchandising, promotion, traffic and operations. It also wanted to understand shopper behavior within the store and understand conversion trends. Read our solution.

Famous department store chain struggles with shrinkage
Problem: This famous department store followed a rigorous conventional loss prevention strategy that relied extensively on on-site loss prevention personnel and fixed and PTZ (point-tilt-zoom) video surveillance cameras. The approach was labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly. Still, the results were unsatisfactory. Losses continued to mount. Many fraudulent incidents were never identified, and some were not pursued because of timeframe and resources required to make the case. Read our solution.