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Video Investigator™ for Store Intelligence

Video Investigator™ for Store Intelligence provides unprecedented merchandising and operational insight into customer behavior. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the dynamic retail environment, Video Investigator leverages your existing surveillance system with comprehensive video analytics to enhance customer service and sales, better understand shopping behaviors, optimize store operations and increase revenue.

store intelligenceVideo Investigator™ for Store Intelligence has provided actionable store intelligence for several major retailers answering questions such as:

How many people are coming through each of my store doors?
  • Understand daily and hourly traffic patterns to optimize staffing
  • Better target and position display placement
  • Make store building and design decisions based on real data
When should we open additional checkout lanes?
  • Improve customer service
  • Understand lane traffic flows and levels
  • Implement real-time staffing alerts when reaching peak levels
  • Reduce lost sales by avoiding behavior balking and abandoned shopping carts
How many people linger in front of the end cap?
  • Compare pre and post end cap display performance by day and by hour
  • Optimize product placement, category management and display placement
  • Boost conversion rates and improve customer service
  • Compare merchandising effectiveness with product-level POS data
How many people walk down an aisle and where do they linger?
  • Understand shopping behavior
  • Optimize product placement, category management and display effectiveness
  • Identify most valuable real-estate in the store
  • Demand slotting fees based on real-time information
How are customers traveling through, reacting to and experiencing my store?
  • Capture entire customer experience on video clip in faster than real-time
  • Understand shopping behavior with minimal incremental market research investment
  • Optimize store layout, promotional displays and product placement

Video Investigator™ advanced standard features include:

Point of Sale (POS) Accelerator
Harness the power that intelligent video analytics brings to standard exception and merchandising reporting applications. Supercharge your workflow automatically analyzing transactions, patterns and trends to reduce theft and deter fraud.
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Hand-held Accelerator
Provide wireless capabilities that enable store employees to move out of the surveillance room and onto the selling floor. Receive automated alerts from your handheld device in real-time from any location.
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