Letter from the Editor

In the 15 years or so that we've been living in the wireless era, we've seen definite advancement, but you'd be hard-pressed to make the case that there has been a fundamental breakthrough in wireless technology or architecture. Until now.

The Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG) represents the kind of development that makes so much sense for everyone involved that one wonders why it didn't emerge years ago. In simple terms, the PMG supports a cellular connection for any number of personal devices that people may carry or even wear. These devices communicate with the PMG via Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

Freed from having to include various communications functions, designers of wireless devices will come up with sleek new designs and, with the help of application developers, wireless-enable a whole new generation of devices - watches, pens, cameras, gaming consoles and so on. Software for remote PMG management enables mobile network operators to provide new kinds of services at low cost, boosting their profits. Consumers get sleek, stylish, functional devices at prices they can afford.

With the PMG, everybody wins. We're so sure of that we're starting this magazine to chronicle its progress. Turn the page and come along for the ride.

          - Paul Desmond, Editor in Chief

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